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Expert Customised Retractable Flyscreen Solutions

View our complete range of retractable flyscreen systems for your home

In addition to our superior selection of timber windows, Aspect Windows supply and install a range of different retractable flyscreen systems from leading architectural hardware brands such as Brio and Centor. These screens are hugely popular, with different options available to suit almost any window or door size and type, including sliding doors, bifold doors and awning windows.

What are retractable flyscreens for windows and doors?

A retractable flyscreen system allows you to pull out the flyscreen when required, and roll it away out of sight when it’s no longer needed. This creates a seamless living experience between the indoor and outdoor areas of your home, allowing fresh air and sunlight in while keeping bothersome insects and debris out. Retractable flyscreens are extremely discreet because when not in use they completely retract into a cassette located neatly within the frame of your window or door, or concealed behind plaster, which provides you with a clear view outside.

The flyscreen can also be left partially open without it closing automatically if you want a smaller opening for people and pets to go in and out without having to continually open or close the screen.

Benefits of retractable flyscreens

A retractable flyscreen has many benefits, but is particularly suitable for large doors and windows that open onto your outdoor living area. These flyscreens can be fully opened to connect the inside and outside living areas—perfect to increase your entertaining space or make the most of longer summer evenings.

Retractable flyscreens are also ideal for small windows in spaces such as bedrooms and kitchens, especially when coupled with awning windows that have handles rather than a winder mechanism

Reasons to consider retractable flyscreens

Here are some of the many advantages of this type of screen:

  • Keep insects outside while windows and doors remain open.
  • Take up very little space.
  • Ideal for tricky or non-standard applications like bifold and sliding doors, and gas strut or servery windows.
  • Allow easy entry and exit when installed on large, open doors.
  • Cover a large door opening space without obstruction or cross-section frames.
  • Easy to maintain and clean.

How do retractable flyscreens work?

Retractable flyscreens are manufactured from high quality, durable mesh that retracts into a slim cassette when not in use. The spring-loaded cassette makes it easy for people of different ages and abilities to open and close the screen.

Depending on the size of the window or door, flyscreen housings are either vertically or horizontally mounted. On a window, the retractable flyscreen usually rolls up and down whereas retractable screens for doors or larger spaces are mounted horizontally, and roll in and out from side to side.
With double sliding doors, hardware housings and flyscreens are placed at both ends of the opening. Both flyscreens slide along the top and bottom tracks to meet at the centre, where a seal, locking mechanism or magnet locks them in place, keeping them closed.

Our retractable flyscreens have small tracks and compact housings that don’t take up much space. After flyscreen installation, you will find them barely noticeable.

What type of doors or windows are best for flyscreens?

Retractable flyscreens are suitable for a variety of door and window styles and shapes, allowing you to easily connect with the great outdoors. These include:

  • Bifold doors and windows
  • Awning windows
  • Gas strut windows
  • Stacker and sliding doors

What types of retractable flyscreens are available?

Our range of retractable flyscreen systems include:

Brio 612 Retractable Screen

The Brio 612 retractable flyscreen is one of the largest single-action screen products of its type, and can span up to 4.5 metres. Double retractable screens that meet in the centre can cover an opening of up to nine metres wide and 3.2 metres high.

Features of this model include:

  • Manufactured from pleated mesh material.
  • Perfect for sliding doors, stacker doors and bifold doors.
  • Able to be retrofitted.
  • White, black or silver colour choices.
  • Supplied and fitted by Aspect Windows in our factory or on site.

Also consider the 312 Servery Screen for your gas strut servery windows and bifold windows as an excellent option. These screens are motorised and are operable with a remote, rolling down from the top of the window to the bottom. Battery operated, no hard wiring is required.

Centor Architectural S4 Retractable Screen

The Centor S4 system can be operated with just a fingertip, using Centor’s unique load-balancing technology. The flyscreens glide smoothly across the entire door opening to effortlessly stop at any desired position. The S4 retractable flyscreen complements large sliding and folding doors. It can be fitted to either the inside or outside of the opening, helping you maximise your indoor-outdoor living area.

This model has the following attributes:

  • Perfect for sliding doors, stacker doors and bifold doors.
  • Able to be retrofitted.
  • A wide range of colour options.
  • Supplied and fitted by Aspect Windows on site.

Centor Architectural EW Bifold Window Screen

The Centor EW bifold window screen is a vertically-retracting flyscreen that is chain operated and can also be easily opened or closed with just one hand.

Characteristics of this model include:

  • Made especially for bifold windows.
  • Screens pull down from the top.
  • Supplied and installed to bifold windows in the factory.
  • Not able to be retrofitted.

Centor S6 Retractable Screen

The Centor S6 retractable flyscreen can be drawn down to cover the opening from any height, with no spring loading to give resistance when operating the screen. The chain-operated flyscreen made from fibreglass mesh will remain firmly in your chosen position.

Other features of this model include the following:

  • Mounted to the head, it is pulled down from top to bottom.
  • Perfect for use on gas strut awning windows.
  • Able to be retrofitted.
  • A wide range of colours.
  • Supplied and fitted by Aspect Windows in factory or on site.

View a wider range of fly screening options from Centor.

Maintaining and cleaning your retractable flyscreens

Retractable flyscreens are simple to maintain as their components and mechanisms are easily accessible. You can therefore clean and service your screens without difficulty in order to keep them in tip top condition for longer.

Following retractable flyscreen installation, we recommend that the frames and tracks be cleaned and lubricated every six months—more often in dusty or windy areas. This eliminates build-up of dirt and debris to keep the tracks operating smoothly.

How to clean retractable flyscreens

Clean the flyscreen mesh with a furniture duster or a soft-bristled brush. If you’re using a vacuum cleaner, use the soft nozzle brush attachment. Avoid using excessive pressure so you don’t tear or damage the mesh.

After dusting or brushing the mesh, use a wet sponge to remove any residual dirt. For stubborn deposits, use a soft non-abrasive brush or cloth with a mild detergent. Wipe down the screen with an absorbent chamois cloth afterwards to avoid watermarks.

It is not advised to use scourer pads, steel wool, abrasive cleaning solutions, or any harsh cleaning products and materials on your retractable flyscreens.

Retractable flyscreens for your timber windows and doors

The team at Aspect Windows can find a retractable flyscreen solution to suit your windows and doors, from large sliding doors to smaller awning windows. Our range of high quality retractable flyscreens is available in a variety of sizes, colours, and material options. Flyscreen systems are made to order using the finest quality supplies and craftsmanship. For a perfect fit and ease of operation, we recommend pairing them with our customised timber windows and doors.

Whether you’re building a new home, upgrading your current one or looking at updating your existing flyscreens, contact us today on 03 9768 3944 for a quote.

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