Double Hung Window

One of our most popular products is our Timber Double-Hung window, much loved because of their beautiful, traditional look and easy operation.

Generally Double Hung Windows have two operating sashes that move up and down allowing for ventilation through the top, bottom or both openings, ideal for locations around verandas and walkways as they do not have sashes that open outwards.

Available with different mechanisms such as Counterbalance, Weight and Cord, Jambliner and Spiral Balance to suit specific requirements.


  • Standard sizes are available
  • Special sizes can be built at special request.
  • Upgrades Upon Request:
  • Fixed sashes
  • Large Bottom Rails
  • Sash Horns
  • Box Mullions
  • Period Sill (178×55)


  • Counterbalance
  • Weight and Cord
  • Jambliner
  • Spiral Balance
  • Fly Screening:
  • Timber Fly Screens
  • Aluminium Fly Screens

Timber Type

  • available in Paint Grade, Stain Grade and Primed Victorian Ash/Hardwood.
  • available in Standard Grade and Select Grade Blackbutt at special request.

Glazing Type

  • available as single glazed and double glazed.

Hardware Options

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