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Beautiful Timber Double Hung Windows for Your Space

Discover the advantages of double hung vs single hung windows and more

One of our most popular products is our timber double hung window, much loved because of its beautiful, traditional look and easy operation.

Double hung windows can be tailored to your home with customisable features such as size and mechanism. Upgrades are available to enhance durability, security and style.

What is a double hung window?

Double hung windows, also known as double sash windows, offer versatile features that make them a good choice for different types of rooms and for multi-storey homes.

Generally, double hung windows have two operating sashes that are moved up and down to allow ventilation through either the top or bottom, or both openings. They are ideal for locations around verandas and walkways as their sashes do not open outwards.

What is the difference between single hung and double hung windows?

Understanding the benefits of double hung vs single hung windows can help you decide which style is right for your home.

A single hung window has one stationary sash and one moving sash, while a double hung window has two movable sashes. Both styles differ from a casement window which opens outward.

Which homes suit the double hung window style?

Timeless and versatile, these windows blend with many home styles, including Victorian, Colonial and architectural-style homes. Double hung windows can also complement contemporary homes with traditional architectural features.

Benefits of double hung windows

Two key benefits of double hung windows are improved air circulation and energy efficiency. These features improve the comfort of your home while helping reduce energy consumption and associated bills.


The flexible design of double hung windows allows air to circulate naturally. The sashes have three different positioning options based on their location and the needs of your home.

The top sash can be open while the bottom sash is closed, allowing warm air to flow out, or the bottom sash can be open while the top sash is closed.

As a third option, both sashes can be open at the same time for maximum airflow. Since heat rises, warm air exits through the top opening, while cool air circulates through the bottom opening. This feature makes double hung windows ideal for spaces where you need to maximise air circulation.

For greater ventilation, an awning window can increase air circulation for selected rooms.

Energy efficiency

With rising utilities costs, our clients often ask are double hung windows energy efficient? The design of, and materials used in these windows can positively impact energy efficiency.

The two moveable sashes enhance ventilation, potentially reducing reliance on cooling systems during warmer months. Using wooden frames can also improve energy efficiency as they provide natural insulation.


Cleaning double hung windows is easy as the moveable top and bottom sashes provide access to both sides of the glass. The ability to move the top window sash down makes double hung windows ideal for the second storey, where windows can often be more difficult to clean.

In addition to moveable sashes, many double hung windows have an added tilt-in feature. Similar to the louvre window, both sides of the glass can be cleaned from inside your home. After dust removal, clean surfaces with a mild soapy solution. Check for, and replace damaged weatherstripping, dry with a soft cloth, and use glass cleaner for optimal shine.

Upgrades and customisation

Several upgrades and multiple customisation options are available for double hung windows. The type of timber, screens and glazing used can impact the comfort of your home, while structural add-ons can enhance aesthetics. Installing additional locks can help improve security.


Based on ventilation needs, natural light and room elements such as dimension and furniture placement, selecting an appropriately sized double hung window can enhance comfort and style in your living space. Standard sizes for double hung windows are available, and custom sizes can be built by special request.


Balance mechanisms are designed to make opening and closing windows easier. Choosing the right one for your double hung window depends on factors such as window size and personal preference.

Double hung windows are available with different opening mechanisms such as counterbalance, weight and cord, EVO jamb liner and spiral balance to suit specific requirements and sash weights.

The cost of installation and maintenance may also be affected by the mechanism selected. Speak to us to determine what best suits your needs.

Design enhancements

Aspect Windows offers traditional structural features that can elevate the aesthetic appeal of your windows. Depending on the style of your home or property and personal preference, sash horns, box mullions and period sills (180×60) can be added as optional upgrades to boost the appearance of your windows.

Large bottom rails and fixed sashes are also available, and highly recommended as they will enhance the look of your new windows.

Timber types

Timber is an excellent choice for framing double hung windows—it adds aesthetic appeal and also functions as a natural insulator for noise and temperature. It’s easy to maintain and repair, and can be painted or finished for a more natural appearance.

Timber types are available in paint grade, stain grade and primed Victorian Ash hardwood, Red Grandis, Tasmanian Oak and Accoya. Standard grade and select grade Blackbutt is also available upon special request.

Glazing types

Double hung windows can be either single or double glazed. We also offer low-emissivity or Low-E glass for additional insulation.

Double glazed windows contribute more to energy efficiency by helping to maintain a comfortable temperature within your home. They help retain warmth inside during the cooler months and block out heat when it’s warmer.

Fly screening

For added comfort and protection from pests and debris, screens can be added to either the bottom or both sashes. We supply both timber and aluminium fly screens.

Hardware Options

Additional hardware accessories, including Sash Lifts, Safety Sash Locks and Keyed Sash Locks can enhance ease of operation and security for your double hung windows.

Installing and securing double hung windows

Once the size and mechanism are determined, your  double hung windows can be installed and secured with ease.


Once fitted, double hung windows are easy to secure with latches. For extra double hung window security, various types of optional key locks can be fitted. Talk to us about which latches and locks are most suitable for your property and security needs.

Double hung windows add versatility and elegance to your home or property

It’s no wonder double hung windows are a popular choice. Chic and simple in design, they add charm to home exteriors and are suitable for rooms with different uses. The moveable sashes and flexible positioning improves air circulation and maximises ventilation for improved energy efficiency. They are also easy to clean.

Our custom double hung timber windows come in a variety of unique designs to meet your needs. Send us an enquiry online today or call us on 03 976 83944 for a quote.

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