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The Best Glass Options for Door and Window Glazing

Learn about single and double glazed windows, benefits and glass types

Door and window glazing can help reduce noise, deflect light, increase privacy and improve insulation as well as letting in light and connecting the interior of your home with the outdoors. The right glass and glazing combined with professional door and window installation can make a big difference to comfort, liveability and overall energy efficiency.

Glazing and insulation

Did you know that almost 40% of heat can be lost and over 85% gained through windows?

The quality of your glazing directly affects your property’s temperature and comfort level, so it’s essential to choose carefully. The correct type of glazing helps keep your home cosy in winter by preventing inside warmth from escaping, and cooler in summer by stopping heat entering the home from outside.

When properly glazed, glass windows and doors will insulate your property effectively, meaning less heating and cooling is needed to maintain a comfortable temperature, and helping to reduce your gas and electricity bills.

Glass and glazing options at Aspect Windows

What are double glazed windows and doors, and how is it different to single glazing? We offer handcrafted timber windows and doors with different glass and glazing options for your Melbourne property:

Single glazed doors and windows: Single glazing uses a single pane of clear glass. Unfortunately, it’s not the best-performing option for heat loss and gain. Upgrading with low-emissivity or Low-E glass, which has a thin coating to help insulate, will increase its performance.

Double glazed doors and windows: Double glazing combines two panels of clear glass separated by an air pocket which provide a barrier to prevent heat gain and loss.

Double glazing is also often referred to as insulated glass units (IGUs). When double glazing windows and doors, the space between the glass panels is normally 12 millimetres and filled with Argon gas for maximum performance.

Once the installation of your windows and doors is complete, these care and maintenance tips for your timber windows and doors can help keep them in tip-top condition.

Single vs double glazed windows: Why are double glazed windows energy efficient?

According to Sustainability Victoria, double glazed windows and doors can reduce heat loss or gain by almost 30% compared to single glazed windows and doors. Double glazing can contribute significantly to a six-star or higher energy-efficient home.

For even better-performing windows and doors and a more energy efficient home, Aspect Windows recommends upgrading standard double glazed units with clear glass to high-performance double glazed units with Low-E glass.

High-quality glass and glazing products at Aspect Windows

At Aspect Windows, we understand the importance of selecting the right glazing and glass type to best insulate your property and keep it comfortable all year round. Are you unsure about where to start or which products are best suited to your project? Let us help you select the best glass and glazing for your windows, doors and skylights to bring your residential or commercial project to life, while maximising energy efficiency. Call our Melbourne-based team on 03 9768 3944 or contact us for a quote online today.