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Premium Hardwood Timber Windows and Timber Doors

Discover custom-made timber doors and windows designed in Melbourne

Our family business builds quality, custom made timber windows and doors right here in Dandenong South. Using premium hardwood timber, we make all our windows and doors by hand to your specifications.

Our experienced team manufactures standard products for Melbourne homes as well as complex architectural designs to achieve something unique for special projects. We offer a variety of timber types, from Victorian ash, Tasmanian Oak, Grandis, Accoya and American oak to blackbutt and flooded gum for jobs requiring high bushfire ratings, or where our clients want something a little different from our usual range.

More than 30 years as a boutique joinery business in Melbourne

Since the beginning, our goal has been to provide value for money to our customers, whether they are homeowners, designers or architects. Today, that goal is the same. Our manufacturing processes are traditional, and we are one of the few remaining timber window and door manufacturers in Melbourne committed to designing and manufacturing high quality timber products, promptly and professionally.

Our 30 years of operating as a family business specialising in timber doors and windows has given us the experience and knowledge to help you make the best selections for your property. Our team also provides guidance on heritage overlay restrictions, glazing code regulations, energy efficiency and bushfire rating requirements, along with advice about product care and maintenance.


Explore our wide range of timber windows

Whether seeking aesthetic appeal, improved energy efficiency or functional versatility, our experts design and manufacture timber windows that meet the needs of Melbourne homes and businesses.

Gas Strut Servery Windows

Gas strut servery windows

These hinged servery style windows open from the bottom, extending nearly 90 degrees. A gas strut, spring or lift mechanism helps them open with ease.
Gas strut servery windows are ideal for kitchen and entertaining spaces in both residential and commercial properties. The struts can be motorised, allowing ease of operation with the flick of a switch.


Bifold timber windows

Bifold windows have multiple hinged sashes that fold on to each other, creating a wide opening that connects spaces in residential and commercial properties.
Commonly used in kitchen and bar areas, our timber bifold windows are easy to operate, save space, and increase air circulation and ventilation.


Double hung windows

With two vertical moving sashes, the top and bottom sections of a double hung window open independently. This classic design is found in many homes and suits many different architectural styles.
Double hung timber windows allow for increased ventilation and are easy to clean. They are ideal for multi-level homes and rooms with different purposes.


Timber casement windows

Similar in style to a standard hinged door, casement windows are hinged at the side and open outward using a winder mechanism. The design normally consists of one or two panels that open to the right or left.
Our timber casement windows increase ventilation, provide unobstructed views and include a secondary sash lock for added security.


Timber awning windows

Awning windows are hinged at the top of the window frame and open out from the bottom. These windows can be opened to the desired degree using a winder.
Timber awning windows are compatible with many architectural designs. A standout feature is that they allow ventilation while protecting your indoor space from the weather.


Sashless windows

Sashless windows have no visible frame or sash dividing the glass panels. With a double hung design, two or more glass panels slide within tracks to open at the top and bottom.
Sleek timber sashless windows are perfect for architecturally designed homes and commercial spaces. They offer unobstructed views when open or closed and are easy to clean.


Timber doors for Melbourne properties

Our wide selection of timber doors offers flexibility to connect rooms, conserve space, and enhance your property’s privacy, practicality and entertainment potential.

Hinged timber doors

Hinged doors are well known and commonly used throughout homes and businesses. They have a simple, straightforward design with one or two panels that swing open and close vertically from a hinge.
Cost effective and low maintenance, these doors are a popular choice for homes and businesses.


Timber sliding doors

Unlike hinged doors that swing open, these doors open horizontally using a sliding mechanism with sill rollers or overhead tracks. Panels are parallel to the wall and come in single or multiple panel configurations.
A notable feature of sliding doors is their space-saving design, making them perfect for areas with limited room.


Timber bifold doors

Bifold doors have multiple panels that vertically stack on to each when opened leaving a wide opening that connects indoor to outdoor spaces or rooms.
This design feature saves space while creating a wide corridor that allows more natural light to enter. The number of panels depends on use and preference, and the option of a multi-point locking system adds security value.


Benefits of timber doors and windows

There are many benefits of timber windows and timber doors such as aesthetic appeal, customisation, durability and energy efficiency, and their adaptability to modern and classic property designs. Additional timber door benefits include noise reduction and privacy due to their solid barrier.

Flexible customisation

Thanks to the versatility and resilience of wood, your timber doors and windows can be easily customised. Our team can create almost any design and application to match your creative vision. From contemporary and classic to bold and daring, timber windows and doors can be crafted into a variety of styles.

Supporting sustainability

Aspect Windows is dedicated to combating global warming by using responsibly sourced timber and timber products from Australia and overseas. Locally, we source timber products from regrowth forests in Tasmania and New South Wales. Internationally, we support plantations and other sustainable sources that provide high-quality timber products. Read more about our sustainable building materials and practices.

Temperature control

Compared to other materials, timber offers superior insulation and energy efficiency. Its natural properties regulate temperature by slowing down heat transfer, keeping spaces cool during warmer months and retaining heat when cooler. Glazing further complements and enhances these properties.

Specifications and enhancements

Aspect Windows offers fully customised timber door and window solutions to maximise ease of use and efficiency once installed. From keeping out pests to security, our team will help you choose the best timber door and window options for your property. Speak to us about how we can upgrade your window order with improved Australian, U.S. and European hardware systems.

Flyscreen systems

Flyscreens help to keep your property comfortable and free of pests. We offer a variety of retractable styles from internationally recognised brands such as Centor and Brio. Our flyscreens can be customised to meet different styles and measurements for your timber windows and doors.

Timber options

We have a number of timber products to select from, including Victorian ash, Tasmanian oak, American oak, Accoya, Blackbutt and Grandis (Flooded Gum). Paint grade and stain grade timber options are also available, as well as standard grade and select grade blackbutt by special request or for Bushfire rating requirements.

Factory priming

Priming optimises the durability of your timber windows and doors by helping seal the timber surface and promote paint adhesion. We offer in-house priming, which can be added to your windows before the glass and silicone are applied to maximise coating.

Security features

Timber is naturally secure due to its robustness and durability. Our high-quality design and manufacturing processes, along with our recommendations for suitable glass types and offering multi-point locking systems for your timber windows and doors will further optimise security throughout your property.

Featured Project

French inspired excellence designed by Christopher Doyle Architects and built by Pinnacle Development & Construction.

Aspect Windows have worked with the team at Pinnacle Development and Construction on a number of high-end homes over the years and we were very happy to have had a significant contribution to this Masterpiece located in Toorak. This home features custom made Timber Casement windows and beautiful Timber Bifold Doors all hand made to Christopher Doyle’s specification right here in Melbourne.

Take a look, we think it came up alright.

Australian hand-crafted timber windows and doors

Aspect Windows offers a variety of timber window designs and timber door customisations to enhance your Melbourne property. Whether used for decoration or practical purposes, we manufacture timber products to improve the enjoyment and functionality of your home or commercial property.

Our custom-made timber windows and doors come in a range of unique configurations with enhancements to boost security, ease of operation and longevity. Reliable and versatile, our sustainably sourced timber products help reduce our environmental impact. Speak to a timber window and door expert today. Send us an enquiry or call us on 03 976 83944 for a quote.

We have the knowledge and experience to help you get your windows right. From Heritage overlay, to Glazing code, to energy rating and Bushfire Rating.