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Professional Timber Door and Window Installation

All you need to know about our window and door installation services

Whether you’re replacing existing windows or working on a new building project, Aspect Windows can customise a solution for you. All measurements and a detailed quote are included in our consultation, and we recommend professional installation of our products.

Getting your Aspect Windows products installed

While Aspect Windows doesn’t employ them directly, we recommend independent contractors who are qualified and experienced professionals in timber door installation and window installation.

All contracts for installing Aspect Windows products are directly between you and the recommended installer. While terms and conditions can vary, we are confident you will receive exceptional and reliable service.

Why you need professional window installation

Common problems with incorrect window and door installation include:

  • Improper sealing: Air gaps lead to leaks and poor energy efficiency.
  • Incorrect installation: Can cause structural property damage.
  • Incomplete installations: Decreased security and reduced weather protection leaves your property vulnerable.

Avoid these problems by using professionals, as damage caused by incorrect installation can be costly to repair.

Benefits of a professional window and door installation service

Advantages of having your windows and doors professionally installed include:

  • Protection and safety: Securely installed windows and doors that meet the required safety standards are critical to keeping your property safe.
  • Long-lasting: Only the highest quality methods, materials and tools are used during installation, ensuring your windows and doors last longer.
  • Energy efficiency: When correctly sealed and insulated, your property uses less energy to remain cool in summer and warm in winter, reducing utility bills.
  • Value: The value and appeal of your property can increase.

How much does window installation cost?

The hourly rate for a professional window and door installer varies depending on the requirements and specifications of the installation project. The following details will help your installer provide a detailed and accurate cost estimate for your door or window installation service:

  • Number of windows or doors to be installed
  • Types of windows or doors (casement, louvre, awning, etc.)
  • Size of each window or door
  • Materials needed for installation (if any)
  • Photographs showing access to the windows and doors (ladder or scaffold required)
  • Removal of existing windows and doors
  • Glazing requirements for energy and or safety regulations.

It can be more cost-effective to have all windows and doors installed at the same time as travel and resourcing costs will be lower.

Considerations when arranging professional door and window installation

Look into the following before commencing the installation process:

  • Building consent: Contact your Local Building Authority to check if building consent is needed for window and door installation and ensure requirements are met.
  • Additional fees: Confirm whether your independent installer charges a fee for a measure and quote.
  • Flashing frames: During installation, the builder is responsible for flashing your frames with thin sheets of waterproof material to prevent water seeping inside.

Use Aspect Windows contractors for professional window and door installation

You can rely on the Aspect Windows team for manufacturing high-quality, tailor-made timber windows and doors. When your products are ready, we recommend qualified independent window and timber door installers to install them for you. Contact us on 03 976 8 3944 or send us an online enquiry for our list of recommended installers in Melbourne.