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Beautiful Hardwood Awning Windows for Your Home

Add a touch of class with quality handcrafted timber awning windows

Timber awning windows are growing in popularity for Melbourne homes and commercial properties. Their design is simple, functional, attractive and easily customisable to suit most rooms in your dwelling.

The beauty of awning windows is that they can be either partially or fully opened, encouraging fresh air to circulate throughout your property. Unlike other window designs, they can also be safely left partially open during light rain.

What is an awning window?

An awning window generally consists of an opening sash that is hinged at the top and is opened from the bottom, usually using a winder, and is often fitted with a flyscreen. This style of window differs from other windows, such as casement windows, that open from the side.

Standard-sized timber awning windows are still one of the most economical window systems available, representing excellent value for money.

Key advantages of awning windows


Standard timber window awnings are very easy to operate. However, Aspect Windows provides an upgrade to a more sophisticated awning window package with Truth winders, sash locks and stays. Windows with these extras operate more smoothly and have a slick, contemporary aesthetic compared to the standard awning window set-up. This upgraded package gives the option for larger, double-glazed sashes that will complement modern and architectural designs.

Awning windows are also ideal for the high-ceilinged Victorian-era homes or contemporary multi-storey properties that are common in Melbourne. We can fit windows in hard-to-reach areas with a motorised opening mechanism that is operated by a remote control, ensuring ease of access.

Aesthetic appeal

Timber awning windows can be customised to complement Melbourne’s diverse architectural styles. Their distinctive appearance and versatility make them incredibly popular for a range of building projects, from heritage inner suburban homes to modern beach houses and fashionable city apartments.

Wooden window awnings can be fitted in any room throughout your home as well as in commercial spaces such as cafes or restaurants. They can be installed alongside fixed windows and sashless windows, or stacked vertically for a unique look.

Insulation against the weather

The insulation qualities of organic timber are well-documented— the spaces within the cell structure of the wood mean it insulates 15 times better than masonry and concrete, 400 times more effectively than steel and 1,770 times better than aluminium. This makes timber a good choice for awning windows, louvre windows and doors, as insulating against the weather helps keep the interior of your home at a comfortable temperature.

Sound and noise insulation

Awning windows with laminated glass can reduce noise, making them an excellent choice for busy urban environments.

Customisable awning windows for your Melbourne property

Aspect Windows offers a variety of timber awning window options that include different types of hardware, glazing choices, sizes and finishes.

Awning window sizes

Timber awning windows come in standard sizes, however customisation is our speciality. We can tailor-make your awning windows to suit unusual window sizes, hard-to-reach areas or for your unique design or project.

Standard hardware and upgrades

Hook hinges and chain winders are included as standard components on all timber awning windows supplied by Aspect Windows. However, upgrading to an awning window system fitted with a Truth encore operator, Truth 14 series stays and Truth sash locks will make your windows easier to operate and can provide better security. As well as more street appeal and ability to support larger, heavier sashes, the enhanced seal on the Truth fittings gives better thermal performance.
An extendable control rod with a Truth winder for hard-to-reach windows is also available, along with motorised winders that have phone connectivity and rain sensors.

Glazing options

Windows can account for around 40% of heat loss and more than 80% of heat gain, so choosing the right glazing will affect your home’s overall energy efficiency. Good-quality glazing reduces the amount of energy entering or leaving your dwelling without affecting the amount of light that comes in.

Double-glazed windows have a sealed cavity—or space—between two layers of glass. This helps reduce the amount of energy entering or leaving your home. Low emissivity glass, also known as Low-E glass, is coated with a film to help lessen the amount of heat entering the house during hot summer days. We recommend high-performance glass for its excellent energy rating.

We also have plenty of obscure glass options available for rooms where privacy is necessary.

Timber finishes

Timber is a beautiful natural material with excellent insulation qualities that also looks great. Select from the Aspect Windows range of timbers and finishes including paint grade, stain grade and primed Victorian ash hardwood.

Our awning windows are generally made using Victorian ash hardwood and Tasmanian oak timber. However, we can also source blackbutt timber, cedar and Accoya—modified pine—upon special request for clients who want something a little different from our standard range. Blackbutt is also particularly suitable for bushfire-prone areas because of its high bushfire resistance rating.

Flyscreens with timber or aluminium frames are also available for our awning windows.

Improve your property’s energy efficiency with timber awning windows

To help mitigate the effects of extreme weather, energy-efficient timber awning windows can help reduce energy costs, particularly in Melbourne with its varying climate of hot summers and cold winters.

Energy-efficient glass

Ensuring that windows, skylights and doors are appropriately glazed will keep your home warmer in winter and cooler in summer, which helps lower the cost of maintaining a comfortable temperature inside your home throughout the year.

Using energy-efficient glass or double glazing is recommended for higher energy rating. These products can give additional comfort all year round, with the bonus of helping to save money on your energy bills.

Check the energy efficiency of your windows through the Window Energy Rating Scheme (WERS), which rates the annual energy impact of windows, skylights and glazed doors in Australia. Speak with your builder about using properly-glazed timber windows and doors, and other opportunities to improve energy efficiency in your home or commercial property.

If you want to improve comfort, acoustics, security and privacy, speak with us about our range of glazing options.

Using sustainable timber for wooden window awnings

The carbon footprint of timber is about 70% lower than other building materials. Aspect Windows is committed to sustainable building, so we use timber responsibly sourced from regrowth forests across Victoria, Tasmania and New South Wales to produce our hand-crafted window frames and doors.

Our sustainability focus aligns with the use of sustainably-sourced timber for awning windows. This reduces our environmental impact and that of our clients, and contributes to your home’s overall energy efficiency.

Timber can also often be a more cost-effective option. Its versatility means it can be repainted or stained to change its appearance to suit the design and colour scheme of your property.

Hand-made quality timber awning windows made in Melbourne

The in-house manufacturing process we use at Aspect Windows allows us to produce standard awning windows at competitive prices with short lead times. We also specialise in building custom-made, architecturally-designed windows for unusual window sizes and specific projects.

Aspect Windows produce high-quality, hand-made timber awning windows for Melbourne weather conditions and Melbourne homes. Whether you’re building your dream home, upgrading your current one or looking for custom windows for a particular project, contact us today on 03 9768 3944 for a quote.

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