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Convenient gas strut servery windows for your home

Enhance your entertaining area and other benefits of gas strut windows

Servery windows with gas struts are extremely popular for their ultra-modern look and functionality in restaurants and bars, and convenient access between kitchen and dining zones. Gas strut servery windows also make an excellent alternative to the traditional awning window commonly installed within Australian residential homes.

The gas strut servery window simplifies entertaining for the host as food or beverages can easily be transported and served from preparation areas located inside to guests in alfresco and outdoor dining areas. Homeowners with outdoor entertaining areas or backyard kitchens will benefit from these windows for their ease of access between indoor and outdoor zones.

What is a gas strut servery window?

A gas strut servery window has a flat sill providing a space where food and drinks can be conveniently placed for easy transport from outdoor areas to indoor spaces such as kitchens or living areas and vice versa. The gas struts safely keep the servery window in an open position.

Servery windows with gas struts can be installed on top of a bench without the need for holes to be drilled for the locking system. Instead, the design means the locks are fixed to the sides of the frame.

The gas strut servery window systems provided by Aspect Windows generally consist of an opening sash that is hinged at the top and opens from the bottom. The size and weight of the opening sash is used to set up the struts to hold the window open at around 90 degrees, much like the tailgate on a wagon or hatchback.

Perfect for both residential and commercial kitchen servery areas or spaces, the practical design makes access possible from both sides of the window. As these windows can open up to a 90 degree angle, they can also improve ventilation in your home or restaurant and bar.

When the window is closed, you still have completely uninterrupted views of the outdoors, connecting the exterior with the interior of your home. When fitted with retractable flyscreen systems, they create a highly functional and attractive window option for your entertaining areas.

What are the benefits of gas strut windows?

There are many reasons to select a gas strut servery window over other window styles. These include:

  • Unique, attractive and practical design suits most areas.
  • Maximises airflow throughout your home or building.
  • Easy access from the kitchen to outdoor living areas when entertaining.
  • Seamless transition links outdoor and indoor spaces.
  • Uninterrupted views of the outdoors when closed.
  • Solid and durable frame.
  • Ease of opening and closing—simply push the window up or down.

How do gas struts work?

Gas struts assist with the opening of heavy windows. When installed on a window, a gas strut makes it easy to open or close without using too much muscle power. It also assists with helping the window to stay open in a particular position.

Gas struts are made from a piston and rod, and work in a similar way to a bike pump or hand pump. Unlike a hand pump, however, the tube that the piston moves back and forth through is tightly sealed to contain pressurised nitrogen gas. When a window is opened or closed, the rod is either pushed into the sealed tube or extended. This moves the compressed nitrogen gas within the tube from one side of the piston to the other, creating a force that allows the window to be opened and closed easily without too much effort.

Usually, the weight of a window and the inability to open and close it easily will limit its size. However, by installing lifting gas struts, you can open a window that would normally be too heavy. Using the struts means you can increase the size of an existing window space to take advantage of amazing views, extend your entertaining area or create a seamless flow between your indoor and outdoor spaces.

Customisation options for your gas strut servery windows

While standard sizes, hardware, framing and glazing choices are suitable for many homes, Aspect windows provides customisation to ensure a perfect solution for your spaces.

Automated gas strut servery windows and sill options

Gas strut servery windows are available with a range of options. Aspect Windows can even fully automate them with motorised struts that can be hard-wired to a switch for complete ease of operation.

There is a choice between gas strut servery windows with or without a sill. However, waterproofing cannot be guaranteed for the option with no sill, so it is recommended that servery windows without sills be installed in protected areas only.

Hardware options for gas strut servery windows

Hardware selections for your gas strut servery windows have a range of optional extras. These alternatives include:

  • Black and stainless steel gas struts.
  • Brio/Centor flush bolts or Truth sash locks.
  • Electric motorised gas strut servery windows programmed to open and close at the touch of a button.
  • Retractable or pull-down fly screen systems from Centor and Brio.

Timber choices for gas strut servery windows

Timber window frames for your servery windows are available in a variety of finishes:

  • Paint grade
  • Stain grade
  • Primed hardwood
  • Accoya
  • Cedar
  • Select-grade blackbutt by special request

Selecting glazing for gas strut servery windows

When it comes to window glazing, there are several choices, depending on usage:

  • Single or double glazing, depending on window position within the home.
  • High performance glass—recommended if a high energy rating is required.
  • Obscure glass for areas requiring privacy.

Sizes for gas strut servery windows

All standard window sizes are available, along with customised sizes that can be built if required. Gas strut servery windows with a Merbau servery sill measuring 300mm × 40mm can also be supplied upon request.

See our window and door gallery for more inspiration and examples of window sizes.

Can you screen a gas strut window?

Gas strut servery windows can have a retractable flyscreen fitted to protect against insects and provide airflow while the windows are open. These screens are generally fitted to the inside of the frame and can be customised to fit your window.

Aspect Windows offers either Centor S6 roll down flyscreens or Brio retractable flyscreens for gas strut windows, which are perfect for a kitchen servery set-up.

Can gas struts be regassed?

In some cases, it is not practical for gas struts to be regassed, depending on whether or not the seals that keep the compressed nitrogen gas inside the cylinder have deteriorated. If the gas has become depleted because the seals are no longer viable, then regassing is not an option, and the gas strut will need to be replaced.

Gas strut servery windows are an entertainer’s delight

A gas strut servery window will improve the functionality of your entertaining spaces while saving you time and effort. They are a great alternative to standard windows and will open up your spaces, maximise the view and make it easy to serve food and beverages between different zones. Enhance your indoor-outdoor dining and living experience while making your entertainment areas more practical and attractive with our gas strut servery windows. Whether you’re building a new home or commercial property, upgrading your current one or updating your existing windows, contact us today on 03 9768 3944 for a quote.

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