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Timber Bifold Doors to Transform Your Property

Connect your living areas with stylish and durable timber bifold doors

For those seeking a smooth transition from indoor to outdoor spaces with the natural feel of real timber, Aspect Windows recommends timber bifold doors. These customisable doors, available with or without a timber sill, cater to the needs of restaurants, bars and homeowners alike.

What are bifold doors?

Bifold doors are made up of multiple hinged panels that can be configured to fold and stack in different directions to best suit the application and functionality of each space. The bifold door panels can be configured to fold to one side or part in the middle and fold to both sides of the entryway—and can also open inwardly or outwardly.

Bifold doors connect the indoors with outdoor spaces, as well as linking and dividing the property’s internal rooms. An accordian-style folding mechanism is used to open the doors, providing an unobstructed view through to the adjacent space.

Where are bifold doors suitable?

Bifold doors are versatile, connecting spaces for entertainment, giving better functionality between multiple rooms or providing increased privacy. They’re an ideal solution for areas with limited space such as balconies, where traditional hinged doors might be impractical.
Often installed in locations like outdoor patios, they facilitate easy movement between indoor and outdoor areas. When used inside, they efficiently separate or link areas such as living and dining spaces and utility rooms depending on whether they are open or closed. This flexibility offers practical and space-saving solutions.

Benefits of bifold doors

Installing timber bifold doors throughout your property brings a range of benefits. The most notable is creating dynamic spaces within your home or business. Other benefits include compact design, natural light enhancement, energy savings, security and lower maintenance.

Compact design

Bifold doors fold back on to themselves when they are open. Their compact design maximises space efficiently while allowing a clear line of sight from one space to another.

Open spaces

Whether for entertainment purposes or simply to enhance the flow between the indoors and outdoors, bifold doors connect your living areas to improve your property’s functionality with a more practical use of space. Compared to sliding doors, bifold doors open up the entry point completely, allowing easier movement between zones and creating a more comfortable, convenient environment.

Increased natural light

With their floor-to-ceiling design in both the fully open and closed positions, timber bifold doors maximise sunlight entering your home or business. This makes them ideal for transforming darker areas into brighter, more inviting spaces.

Energy efficiency

Timber bifold doors offer increased energy efficiency, making them superior to many other sliding door designs. The design helps retain heat in your home in the winter and provides ventilation in warmer months. Combine the natural insulation properties of timber frames with appropriate glazing to help save costs and reduce energy, boosting the overall energy efficiency of your home. When installed indoors, energy efficient bifold doors can be used to close off spaces, helping to reduce energy consumption where it isn’t needed.


Security for bifold doors is reinforced with flush bolts. The bolts are installed to fasten the inactive panel and are generally more secure than standard locks. They are relatively easy to install and concealed by design. When equipped with top and bottom flush bolts, timber bifold doors generally provide reliable security.

Easy cleaning and maintenance

Cleaning and maintaining your timber bifold doors is simple compared to windows or doors with multiple panes and frames. For indoor installations, cleaning is even easier because dirt collection is reduced.

Upgrades and customisation

Bifold doors are similar to bifold windows in design, with numerous customisation options available including size, configuration, type of timber and glazing to enhance your home or business.

Sizes and design details

There are several factors to consider when choosing the design style for your timber bifold doors. Ventilation, natural light and room layout can all impact your design selection, especially the size and door configuration. The doors come in standard sizes, and special sizes can be built upon request, ranging from 2.1 – 3.0 metres high and 1.2 – 8.0 + metres wide.
Large bottom rails and corner and curved units can also be incorporated if desired.

Bifold door configurations

Multiple configuration options are available to meet the property’s design needs and your personal preferences. Two or more panels can be installed depending on the opening width and desired arrangement. Consult with the professionals at Aspect Windows to identify the best configuration for your space.

Timber frame options

Timber elevates the visual appeal and acts as a natural insulator, providing acoustic comfort and temperature regulation. Its low-maintenance and repair-friendly nature, coupled with the option of painting or finishing for an authentic aesthetic makes it a versatile choice.
Discover the available timber types, including paint grade, stain grade, and primed hardwoods, and our special request options like standard grade and select grade blackbutt and Oak.

Glazing types

Choose from single or double glazing to customise your timber bifold doors, and increase insulation benefits by using specialised low-emissivity or Low-E glass.
Our double glazed doors are designed to enhance your property’s energy efficiency, ensuring year-round comfort by retaining heat in cooler months and blocking excess heat during warmer periods.

Fly screening

Enhance your bifold doors with additional privacy, comfort and protection from pests by installing retractable screens. The retractable feature seamlessly complements the functionality of the doors, offering unobstructed views and open space when not in use.

We have excellent fly screening solutions for our bifold doors so you can enjoy opening up your spaces without insects entering. We recommend Centor and Brio retractable screens for use with our bifold door systems.

For detailed information on each product, explore the brochures provided below and contact the Aspect Windows team for further assistance.

Window replacement

Sometimes it can be more practical to replace a standard window with a timber bifold window, or even create a larger space by adding a bifold door to your home or business. Although certainly feasible, there are key considerations. Namely, ensuring adequate overhead support within the foundations of the building. Speak to our team and your builder to explore if this option could be right for your property.


The installation process for bifold doors can vary depending on size, material and the number of panels. Our experts at Aspect Windows will assess your spaces and work with you to determine the installation needs.

Improve your property’s function and style with timber bifold doors

If you want to connect your living space to the outdoors, compartmentalise your indoor space, or boost natural light and circulation, the many benefits of bifold doors make them an excellent choice. With flexible design options, bifold doors improve the flow within your home or commercial space. Timber material adds aesthetic allure and enhances temperature and noise insulation.

Our timber bifold door configurations can be customised to meet the goals you have for your property. Send us an enquiry online today or call us on 03 976 83944 for a quote.

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