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Stylish Timber Louvre Windows for Your Home

Add flair and functionality with the unique design of louvre windows

Timber-framed louvre windows

Modern louvre windows add a distinguished and stylish finishing touch that complements the architecture and design of your home. They also provide excellent control of sunlight and air flow throughout your home due to the unique design of the blades, easily controlled by adjusting the angle. At Aspect Windows, our timber louvre windows have blades made from either wood or glass fitted to a timber frame.

What are louvre windows?

Louvre windows are a window frame that holds a gallery or blade holder insert containing a series of slats or blades made from timber, aluminium or glass that can be tilted to control air flow and light control. In order to do this, the blades are positioned at various angles between fully open and fully closed via a handle, button or a motor controlled by an app that moves all blades in the gallery simultaneously.

Using louvre windows throughout your home means you can easily allow air to flow from the outside into the house, or between living areas.

Glass louvre windows look similar to plantation shutters or shutter blinds, with the key difference being that the blades are made entirely of glass.

Louvre windows with timber slats have the added benefits of greater privacy and sun protection.

The attractiveness of timber louvre windows

With a timeless and classic style that doesn’t date, timber louvre windows can enhance the street appeal of your home. No matter how contemporary or modern your house design, you can select a louvre style from a versatile and extensive range of options to suit your home’s architecture.

The attractiveness and functionality of louvre windows as part of the design of your home can also help to enhance the value of your property when it is sold.

The benefits of louvre windows

Louvre windows offer many benefits that set them apart from sliding windows or double-hung windows of the same size.

Louvre window ventilation

Louvre windows have adjustable glass or timber blades that enhance energy efficiency by allowing a natural flow of air into your home. When fully open, the louvre blades are almost horizontal so the air can easily enter through the window opening. In fact, they open up to two times wider than regular windows, which maximises ventilation and allows a more precise control of airflow into your building.

This is particularly useful for keeping wet areas such as the bathroom dry, and removing smoke and cooking smells from the kitchen. They can also be left open during light rain, allowing the flow of fresh air to continue without water entering the room.

Because of their excellent natural ventilation, the temperature within your home is regulated to create a more comfortable living environment. Installation of louvre windows also results in the reduced use of artificial cooling and heating systems, helping you save on your energy bills in the long term.

Louvre window privacy and visibility

For enhanced privacy and for bathroom applications, order your louvre window galleries with the lower blades made from obscure glass and the upper blades from clear glass. As louvre windows are fully adjustable, this setup can provide the perfect balance between privacy and visibility.

Alternatively, opt for timber blades which can be set at different angles to enjoy unobstructed outdoor views while retaining your privacy.

Light control with timber louvre window blades

To improve light control within your home, timber blades instead of glass blades could be an option for your louvre windows. These can be adjusted by slanting them at the angle that best controls the amount of light you require in each room. When you need full sunlight, simply tilt the blades to a horizontal position. For less sunlight, adjust the angle slightly, or fully close them.

The versatility of windows with timber louvres is an advantage in rooms that have specific lighting requirements. They can also help you create a different mood or ambience at different times of the day.

Easy-to-clean timber and glass louvre windows

Standard windows have to be cleaned from both inside and outside, involving moving between the interior and exterior of your house. However, another advantage of louvre windows is that both sides of the blades can be cleaned simultaneously, either from the inside or outside.

The individual blades are easily accessible, making it simple to clean both sides or to replace damaged blades. This feature is particularly useful in multi-levelled buildings.

Timber louvre window frames require regular cleaning and maintenance by wiping them over with a soft damp cloth and touching up paint and stain surfaces when required.

Are louvre windows secure?

Louvre windows can have keyed window locks installed. For extra security, you can opt for the Breezway Stronghold System, an additional extra offered by Aspect Windows, ensures that the louvre blades are locked into place to provide maximum strength and security for your home.

Screens can also be installed on louvre windows to keep your home insect free while also stopping leaves and other debris from blowing in while the blades are open.

Timber louvre window options

Timber louvre windows are available in a variety of materials, colours, and styles. By selecting from the range of options at Aspect Windows, you can create a look that perfectly complements your home’s design and decor.

We use and recommend high-quality Breezway louvre galleries installed into our timber window frames.

Sizing options

Timber louvre windows are available in standard sizes, but special sizes can be custom built upon request.

There are some restrictions on blade widths that need to be considered:

  • Maximum width for 102mm blades is: 800mm.
  • Maximum width for 152mm blades is: 950mm.

Multiple louvre galleries are sometimes required to achieve greater widths.

Range of timber types and finishes

Aspect Windows uses sustainable timber grown from managed regrowth forests across Victoria, Tasmania and New South Wales for all timber louvre window frames.

Our timber louvre windows are available in paint grade, stain grade, or in primed Victorian ash hardwood. Select grade blackbutt timber is also available upon special request.

Hardware options

Aspect Window’s louvre window systems can be either manually operated or fully automated to suit a range of home designs and applications.

For a fully automated louvre window, we recommend the Breezway Powerlouvre motorised system that uses an Apptivate Control Unit to operate your windows for ease and comfort.

Extendable control rods can be fitted to louvre windows that are out of reach.

Glazing options

Glass blades are available in a single glazed glass option only, however high performance glass is recommended for higher energy efficiency. In cooler climates, a Low-E coating can help to increase the insulation properties of the glass. Warmer climates need more protection from the hot sun and damaging sun rays, so a High-E coating is recommended.

There is also an obscure glass option available for rooms that require additional privacy.

Stylish glass or timber louvre windows for your project

There is nothing comparable to the style and charm of a modern louvre window with glass or timber blades, both options available with handcrafted timber frames. It will set your home or building apart, while adding character and individuality.

The functionality and versatility of louvre windows also make them a great choice for your next project. They are not only attractive to look at, but are one of the best ways to allow natural air flow and light into your building.

Melbourne-based Aspect Windows can tailor your louvre windows for specific projects to create something truly special. For more information about our range, contact us today on 03 9768 3944 for a quote.

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