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Aspect Windows - Custom Wooden Window Manufacturer in Melbourne

A Different Aspect on Timber Windows

Visitors to our factory are always pleasantly surprised as they are guided through the heavy door that separates the office and factory floor, firstly it is the satisfying smell of Kiln Dried, Vic Ash Timber that our visitors comment on. Then they begin to realise that our windows and doors truly are carefully handmade. looking over the open packs of Hardwood they can see the crew of Joiners working hard, hear the machines running and watch the finished product being loaded onto trucks ready for delivery.

It’s an impressive experience.

Whilst this video doesn’t quite capture the whole timber window and door experience, we think it gives you a good idea of who we are and what we do.

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Handmade, Quality Timber windows for Australian Homes and Buildings.

Family owned and operated since 1993. Our business started from very humble beginnings with two Directors and only four other staff members working inside a tiny, rundown factory in the backblocks of Dandenong. Now; with the second generation in stead, two brothers bring fresh ideas, dedication and an appetite for new and improved Timber Window and Door products for our customers.

Over the years Aspect Windows has grown and changed significantly, from majority of orders being very simple, standard products like Awning Windows and the occasional Sliding Door to now days, where we are regularly challenged with products that push the boundaries of what we once thought possible for Timber Windows and Doors. Such as sliding door units that are 3.2 high and 8.0 metres wide weighing hundreds of kilos, but can slide with the push of a finger.


Our experienced manufacturing team are some of the best in the business and as such we are able to build standard type products on a modest budget as well as highly complex, custom designs to achieve something more unique for special projects. We also offer Blackbutt for special orders that have High Bushfire Ratings or where our clients want something a little different to our standard offering.

We Hand make all of our Timber Windows and Doors right here in our factory at Healey Rd, Dandenong South. Our manufacturing processes have remained largely unchanged from early days. Aside from some improvements to machinery, presses and glue systems, we find that computer driven machines are challenged by our type of work and seem to be limited in their capability to match the level of detail as seen by the human eye and quality of skilled hands. With our production staff we find the ability to offer flexibility and customisation to all of our products.

Our classic manufacturing process gives us the ability to very quickly produce standard windows and doors at great prices and short lead times and at the same time, also be able to build highly detailed, custom made, architecturally designed products tailored to their specific project


“One of Aspect's major strengths is our ability to consistently offer accurate lead times to our customers and deliver on time. We are excited to see what direction improvements in manufacturing technology and window hardware will take Aspect Windows in years to come.”

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