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Stylish Timber Bifold Windows Handcrafted for You

Enhance your home with the charm and elegance of timber bifold windows

Timber bifold windows are an excellent alternative to fixed windows for connecting entertainment areas, or if you simply want to maximise ventilation and sunlight. This style of window seamlessly links interior spaces like kitchens or bars to the outdoors. When the sashes are open, the spacious and clear area is perfect for entertaining.
Bifold windows from Aspect Windows are a great option for any restaurant or bar, but also for homeowners looking for a smooth transition from the benchtop or serving area to the entertainment space.

What are bifold windows?

Bifold windows are designed with multiple individual panels hinged together. When opened, the panels fold and vertically stack to one side, creating an open space with an unobstructed view. They are available with or without a timber sill depending on your needs.

Once exclusive to cafes and restaurants, timber bifold windows bring a dynamic modern atmosphere to homes and commercial properties. They are ideal for food service, dining and indoor/outdoor entertaining areas. Similar to awning windows, bifold windows increase airflow and natural light.

Benefits of timber bifold windows

Compared to traditional windows, timber bifold windows offer numerous advantages in both window design and overall functionality. The unique opening and folding design makes them one of the few window styles where the aperture can be completely opened.


Bifold window sashes neatly stack allowing unobstructed views when fully open. They are suitable for larger openings, especially contemporary designs with larger glass panes.
Bifold windows create a cohesive framing aesthetic throughout the room as well as maximising open space, especially when paired with bifold doors.

Climate versatility

Timber bifold windows suit most climates, from dry and sunny to those with high rainfall and snowfall. The dual-purpose design gives both a large opening when required and secure closure for weather protection.

Like bifold doors, the effectiveness of these windows relies on protective seals often made from materials such as foam or rubber that keep moisture out and heat in. Timber frames aid insulation and double glazing enhances weather resistance and noise reduction.

Customising the fit to the available space, along with sealing design and proper installation ensures timber bifold windows are resilient to different weather conditions and climates.

Bifold windows security

With top and bottom flush bolts fitted as standard, bifold windows also provide great security. The bolts secure the inactive sash and are generally stronger than standard locks. They are relatively easy to install and concealed by design.

Aluminium vs timber bifold windows

There is a wealth of information available to help you choose between aluminium or timber for your bifold windows. Factors such as preference, appearance, investment and maintenance can help you decide.

Both materials have their merits, and both require regular maintenance to ensure maximum weatherproofing and longevity. Aluminium is lightweight and resistant to rust and corrosion with a modern appearance that some may prefer over the classic look of timber.

However, we have found our customers generally prefer timber for its aesthetic appeal, design versatility, and natural insulation properties. While the upfront cost may be higher, investing in timber can translate into long-term energy savings as it is more energy efficient than aluminium.

Why choose timber for your bifold windows?

Timber offers a natural and inviting appearance, along with excellent insulation and durability. Timber windows with their modern designs, quality construction and durability, are a reliable and appealing investment. As with any material, regular maintenance is essential for preserving both looks and performance.

Aesthetic appeal

Many people select timber frames for the natural and warm atmosphere they create, and the classic look they add to homes or commercial spaces. If you are looking for enduring charm, quality and an organic, natural feel, timber windows are an excellent option.

Strength and endurance

Timber window frames are sturdy and long-lasting. The solid hardwood sections used by Aspect Windows provide a secure structure that can outlast other materials such as aluminium.

Energy efficiency

For timber bifold windows, energy efficiency is an added feature, as timber is a natural insulator that keeps heat in and cold out during cooler months. Because it is a poor conductor, it also helps keep heat out in warmer weather when windows are not fully opened. As well as being renewable and biodegradable, timber helps control the temperature of your living space.

Bifold window upgrades and customisation

Several enhancements are available to ensure our timber bifold windows meet your design needs. The type of timber, screens and glazing you choose can affect the comfort of your home or commercial space. Structural add-ons can enhance aesthetics, while additional locks can also help improve security.

Size and design details

Selecting an appropriately sized bifold window based on your property’s ventilation, architectural design and the amount of natural light available can enhance comfort and style. Elements such as furniture placement can also affect the decision-making process.

Standard sizes ranging from 1.0 – 3.0 metres high and from 1.2 to over 8.0 metres wide are available, and custom sizes can be built upon request.


When selecting timber bifold windows, consider their function and location. Both moveable and stationary window sashes can be installed so windows are able to be opened inwardly and outwardly.

Large bottom rails can be included if required. Depending on the design preference, corner units and curved units can also be produced upon request.

How you want to connect the space between rooms or from the indoors to outdoors, along with furniture arrangement can all impact your decision. Speak to an Aspect Windows expert about your design goals when deciding the best configuration for your property.

Timber types

Timber adds aesthetic appeal and functions as a natural insulator for noise and temperature. It’s easy to maintain and repair, and can be painted or finished for a more natural appearance.

Timber is available in paint grade, stain grade and primed hardwood. Standard grade and select grade blackbutt, Grandis and Oak are also available upon special request.

Glazing options

Choose either single or double glazing for your bifold windows. We also offer low-emissivity or Low-E glass for additional insulation.

Double glazed windows contribute to your property’s energy efficiency by helping to maintain a comfortable temperature within your home or commercial space. They help retain warmth inside during the cooler months and block out heat when it’s warmer.

Retractable fly screens

For added privacy, comfort and protection from pests, add retractable screens to your timber bifold windows for unobstructed views and open up your space when they are not in use. We supply the following retractable screens:

  • Brio 4s Folding Window/Servery System (no fly screen as standard)
  • Centor EW Folding Window/Servery System (pull-down screen included)

For more information about these products, please browse through the brochures below or speak with our team.

Transform your space with timber bifold windows

Elegant and liberating, Aspect Windows timber bifold windows are ideal for Australian homes and businesses. With variable design options, they improve air flow, enhance natural light and create dynamic entertainment spaces. Timber adds charm whilst helping to regulate the indoor temperature and its insulation properties help reduce external noise.

Our custom timber bifold windows come in a variety of unique configurations to meet your needs. Send us an enquiry online today or call us on 03 976 83944 for a quote.

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