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From Living Room Essentials to Natural Light in the Home and Lots More

Building a new home is an exciting time! There are several important factors—from the design and decor, to the style of the windows and doors. To help you work through these, we’ve put together a summary of what to consider when building a home

Tips to help you get started

Think about these aspects of your building project before construction begins:

  • Orientation or stand position: What direction will your house face? Orienting your home to maximise natural light and heat from the sun will help with utility costs. North-facing Australian houses receive the most sunlight in winter.
  • Design, size and lifestyle: Fit the design to the orientation. For example, position your sunroom in the area that receives the most sunlight. Match the size to the lifestyle and activities of those living in the house—including family planning and space requirements; and if a home office is needed. These elements will guide the overall design and layout.
  • Building contractors: Choose a trusted custom home builder based on their reputation, experience and quality of work. Communicate regularly with contractors to avoid misunderstandings, saving you time, effort and unnecessary expense. 
  • Manage your expectations: It takes up to a year to build a house, often longer depending on material availability and freight. Sometimes changes need to be made whilst your home is being built, so keep communicating with your contractors and you’ll know what to expect. 

Natural light in a home

Natural light from sunlight has many benefits. When it’s cleverly used to create more warmth in your home, it can help lower your power bill. Get your dose of Vitamin D without leaving your home, and bask in sunlight during the winter months. Rooms without natural light can smell musty and stale, so allowing it in will keep the air fresh and pleasant.

Various types of windows

Windows are an easy way to let sunlight in. With plenty of window types available there are several options our customers love:

  • Louvre windows: A series of horizontal slats fitted onto a window frame that operate like shutters and are adjusted with a lever. 
  • Double-hung windows: Two operating sashes slide up and down a track built into the frame, allowing for ventilation at the top, bottom or both.
  • Casement windows: Vertically attached to the left or right side of the frame, these open outward, similar to a hinged door. 
  • Awning windows: Securely hinged at the top to swing open from the bottom. They’re better at protecting the indoors from rain compared to other windows.
  • Sashless windows: Frameless glass sashes, similar to a double-hung window, are counterbalanced with each other to open vertically or horizontally.
  • Bifold windows: Windows fold back and slide along a top and bottom track system giving an uninterrupted view. 
  • Fixed windows: Unable to be opened; these windows are stationary and have large, thick frames.

Windows influence the inside and outside view of your home, so think about what look you want when choosing them.

Adding the final touches

These factors will help you personalise your home:

  • Finishes: The latest kitchen and bathroom trends in 2022 can provide inspiration. A fancy tap fitting or bold coloured cupboard can make a big difference!
  • Flooring: Tiles, carpet or soft or hard-wearing floors—or even a combination? This will depend on the room and its intended use. 
  • Colour: Room themes can be complemented, creatively contrasted or reinforced by the colour of wallpaper and paintwork. 

Many more options are available to add the finishing touches to your abode—create a mood board for your design ideas and style preferences, or chat with an interior decorator!

Living room essentials

Here’s how to make your living room a more comfy space:

  • Room layout: Furniture placement and the position of the fireplace can create a welcoming space.
  • Avoid clutter: Display only your treasured items, and ensure everything else is in its place.
  • Cosy corners: Turn a corner area into a reading nook with an armchair and bookshelf.
  • Decor: Cushions, throws, flowers and plants add colour, personalise your living room and make it more inviting.

Style your living areas with objects you love, and practical items that bring you comfort.

Build your dream home with experienced professionals

A trusted contractor, such as Spacemaker Home Extensions, works closely with you when building your new house. They will help you with every aspect of building or renovating your home to ensure everything’s done right the first time around. Request a consultation to get the ball rolling.

For high-quality windows, choose Aspect Windows

Building a home with plenty of light along with everything else you love becomes much more enjoyable when you know what to expect. Aspect Windows’ hand-made timber windows crafted to the highest standard will make your home feel light and airy. Browse our products, choose a style and call 03 9768 3944 to get a quote.

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